Sarah Corvus
Full Name: Sarah Corvus
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blond
Status: Alive (2007)
Portrayer(s): Katee Sackhoff

Sarah Corvus is a former soldier and the first Bionic Woman outfitted by the Berkut Group, who would later go rogue. In 2004, Sarah Corvus began losing control of herself to the Bionic implants, killing fourteen employees of Berkut before being apparently terminated. However, Sarah resurfaced in 2007, with roughly a year left to live and searching out Jaime Sommers upon learning she has received newer Bionics.



Sarah Corvus visits Jaime Sommers

Prior to being outfitted with Bionics, Sarah Corvus had a sister with whom she had gone to parties with. One particular night, the pair were late to a party and while under the influence of alcohol, began to speed excessively upon her sisters insistence. Being unable to stop for, or notice on coming traffic, Sarah's car collided with a tractor-trailer, killing Anne and injuring herself. Sarah would go on to remember this event, often reliving it through a sense of guilt and allowing it to influence her life, such as when she crashed into Will Anthros's car in a similar fashion. ("Second Chances"; "Sisterhood"; "Face Off")

Sometime later, in 2004 Sarah Corvus was outfitted with Bionics by Will Anthros of the Berkut Group, whom she would come to resent after learning the truth behind the Bionics and her lifespan. Sometime afterward, Sarah would loose control of herself and kill fourteen members of Berkut before being hunted down and apparently killed by her lover, Jae Huang. However, Will Anthros would later perform an operation on her that effectively resurrected her, while also leaving her in control of herself and the Bionics. ("Second Chances"; "Paradise Lost"; "Sisterhood"; "Face Off")

After her departure from Berkut and prior to the year 2007, Sarah would undergo more Bionic enhancements, including a second eye as well as a partial chest replacement. ("Second Chances")


Sarah, using a sniper rifle and her Bionic eye, assassinates Will Anthros

She resurfaced in 2007. It is the apparent belief of the Berkut group that her "resurrection" was aided by Anthony Anthros, despite the fact that he was ostensibly in prison for the duration of time between her death and her reappearance.

Another sexual liaison was with a mysterious, un-named man who assisted Anthony Anthros in breaking out of jail. She may have been working for this man, as he left her messages in 2007 indicating that she had "failed" him. She apparently has no way to initiate contact with him, and may not fully understand his larger machinations.

She was a witness to Jaime Sommers' first exploration of her bionic ear and eye. She mortally wounded Will Anthros soon thereafter, and served as Jaime's first bionic sparring partner.

Corvus resumed her physical relationship with Jae in late 2007.


Sarah is known to have had a sister named Annie. However, Annie died in an alcohol-related car accident, during which Sarah was the driver. Sarah clearly feels guilty for the role she played in recklessly driving her sister to her death. She often replays the event in her mind. This accident may have prompted Sarah to attempt to kill Will Anthros in a very similar accident. ("Sisterhood")

Annie's death also appears to color Sarah's relationship with Becca Sommers. She has threatened to take Becca's life, perhaps indicating that she wishes to deprive Jaime of the relationship she herself has lost. ("Sisterhood", "Face Off")

Commonality with original Bionic seriesEdit

Sarah Corvus has several analogues in the original Bionic mythos, as the OSI's bionic program was no more reliable in producing well-adjusted post-operative patients than the Berkut Group's. While it was clear that Steve Austin was the first beneficiary of bionic replacement in the previous narrative, Barney Miller (or, alternately, Barney Hiller) was the second Bionic man, who received his bionics prior to Lindsay Wagner's Jaime Sommers. Like Corvus, Miller was "more bionic" than Austin, in that he had all four limbs replaced. He also turned "bad" after his operation and became a difficult opponent of Austin. ("The Seven Million Dollar Man", "The Bionic Criminal")

In addition to parallels between old and new Bionic continuity, some exist between Sarah Corvus and characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jaime Sommers is the replacement Bionic Woman after Corvus was thought dead. In Buffy, the dark Slayer and foil for Buffy was Faith, who received her powers due to Buffy's short-lasting death. In this sense, Sarah and Faith share commonalities in their origins.

Following the end of the series, Sarah's actress Katee Sackoff would go on to appear in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III, yet playing another cybernetic-augmented soldier who went rogue. Interestingly enough, both Sackoff's characters shared the same given name Sarah, while Sackoff's video game character went rogue due to being brainwashed by a virus called Corvus, which ironically was the surname of the television series' Sarah.

NBC promotional biographyEdit

Some elements of the following biography may not have support from episodes as broadcast. Its canonicity is therefore unclear.


Sarah Corvus was born in Tacoma, Washington to Cynthia and James Corvus. At the time, James Corvus was a captain stationed at Fort Lewis until his death in 1991 in the first Gulf War. His helicopter went down over Southern Iraq, but his body was never recovered. After his death, Cynthia Corvus moved Sarah to Lynn, Washington, a small town two hours outside Olympia. There, she attended Brighton Elementary School and Lincoln High School. At the top of her class, Corvus was a popular girl who headed the varsity cheerleading squad and competed in the winter biathlon. Her skills in marksmanship, a sport her father taught her before his death, won her a scholarship to the University of Washington.

At the University of Washington, Corvus majored in engineering with a minor in biology. Along with her studies, Corvus continued biathlon training and gained notoriety as a serious contender for 2002 United States Olympic Biathlon Team. During an Olympic qualifying round early in 2002, Corvus tore her ACL, requiring extensive surgery and rendering her Olympic dreams an impossibility.

After recovering from her injury, Corvus was recruited by the Sykes Group, a private military and security firm. Prized for her marksmanship, they trained her in hand-to-hand combat, communications and stealth maneuvers. She served briefly in Sierra Leone, escorting American diamond traders. In early 2003, she went into Iraq ahead of US forces to protect vital private interests. During a mission in Falluja, Corvus intercepted a rebel attack, rescuing Corporal Patrick Shanihan. While driving him back to his base, their jeep hit an IED. Corvus emerged unscathed; however, Corporal Shanihan lost both legs and his right arm.

Shortly after the incident, in October 2003, Corvus requested and was granted a month's furlong home. While there, Jonas Bledsoe, a former Army Colonel and co-founder of the Berkut Group, contacted Corvus and convinced her to leave the Sykes Group. She volunteered for a new procedure meant to enhance the human body beyond its current abilities and endurance.

The experiment went terribly wrong. Corvus went rogue in April of 2004. She was missing until August of that same year, when she rampaged through the Berkut Group compound, killing most of its inhabitants, including many of the scientists who had experimented on her. She was killed by her trainer and lover, Jae Huang, at the end of this rampage, dying of several gunshot wounds on August 12, 2004.